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Oct 20 '14
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Oct 19 '14

put a Taylor Swift song in my ask and I’ll tell you my favorite lyrics off of it

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Oct 19 '14


So, basically, humans sometimes are good and sometimes are assholes and sometimes we lie and sometimes we do a right thing that´s not good and sometimes we grow larger than ourselves and we´ve got fantasy and we don´t and sometimes we  live and sometimes we die and it´s never simple 

and that´s what makes us three-dimensional. 

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Oct 19 '14

Bristol? Doctor, we’re in Bristol! 

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Oct 19 '14

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Oct 19 '14


Me running away from reality.

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Oct 19 '14


do you ever get attached to like one line or phrase from a song and it holds so much meaning to you but no one else understands how powerful those few words are to you

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Oct 18 '14


human race logic: make someone look bad to make another person look better.

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Oct 18 '14




no matter how old I get

I will always be at least slightly convinced that I’m capable of hurting a stuffed animal’s feelings

Toy Story mentally fucked a generation of kids.

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Oct 18 '14
I’m strong because I know my weaknesses. I’m wise because I’ve been foolish. I laugh because I’ve known sadness.

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Oct 18 '14


i hate the phrase “life is short” because life is literally the longest thing that any of us will ever experience

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Oct 18 '14


"Doctor, will you just… just tell her."
Tell her what?
"Tell her that she’s special."
Have you gone bananas?"
Do you really think I’m not special?

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Oct 18 '14


so APPARENTLY the turn it off and on again method doesnt work for life support machines

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Oct 18 '14

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Oct 18 '14

Tumblr best Funny Gif Blog —


Tumblr best Funny Gif Blog —

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